Latest Change: March 31, 2002

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March 31, 2002:
Wow, it's been a really long time since I've updated any of thisstuff.
Removed moon-phase pages for the time being, since I don'tcurrently have a good way to provide real-time updates.
Removed open-source opinion page. It's badly out of date.
Fixed some links to things that have moved and removed links to things that no longer exist.
November 14, 1998:
Revised the open-source opinion page.
June 6, 1998:
Added new page showing the current lunar phase.
Added opinion of free software to the What James Thinks page.
March 30, 1998:
Replaced the Feb, 1998 solar eclipse photos with better scans andgot rid of the greyscale versions. Added links to larger versions ofthe pictures. Made a new page with a photo and information aboutthe equipment used to take these pictures.
March 03, 1998:
Added greyscale 02/98 solar eclipse images to theeclipse photo page.
March 02, 1998:
Added 02/98 solar eclipse pages to theeclipse photo page.
December 30, 1997:
Added a page to the lunar eclipse section giving information about and aphoto of the equipment used.
December 8, 1997:
Added Copyrights and Credits page.
Added background image.
November 26, 1997:
Added horoscopes.
November 25, 1997:
Added miscellaneous interesting (I hope) quotes to the bottom ofsome of the pages.
Moved opinion section to separate page to reduce page size.
Reworded some list items and added church link.
October 1, 1997:
Added link to our RC5 code-breaking team page in "elsewhere" section.
August 28, 1997:
Added "Best Viewed With Any Browser" graphic & link. Check out theAny Browser Campaign pagefor more information on this worthy cause.
August 19, 1997:
Moved my pages to this new location.
Added links from my home page to Dean Thompson's home page and Mustang page.
Added opinion section.
April 9, 1997:
Added photographs of the March 24, 1997 partial lunar eclipse to thelunar eclipse photo page.
January 3, 1997:
Added this change log page.
January 1, 1997:
Added note on theSeptember 27, 1996 eclipse photo pageregarding other people that have used and published the photos.
October 2, 1996:
Web site created

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